Everything You Need to Know About Planning A City Hall Wedding

Everything You Need to Know About Planning A City Hall Wedding

There are plenty of benefits from getting married in the city hall. For starters, it’s cheaper and low-key. You don’t have to worry about managing a wedding guest list of more than a hundred. Also, the costs of feeding and entertaining plenty of people wouldn’t be a problem. If you intend to marry in a stress-free and simplest way possible, then the city hall wedding is the best for you.

How To Organize The Simple But Perfect City Hall Wedding?

Everything You Need to Know About Planning A City Hall Wedding

  • Choose a city hall wisely

To have the wedding ceremony at the nearest city hall may be the sensible thing to do. However, you must also be open to other options. For instance, you may have the wedding ceremony and honeymoon in one destination. This way, you are getting married to the love of your life, and you’re saving money! Get married at your honeymoon destination so you won’t have to worry about booking a separate trip.

  • Acquire a marriage license

Check the state laws for the requirements for acquiring a marriage license. In some cases, a waiting period is established before you’re allowed to marry. Thus, you may not get married on the same date you get your marriage license. Make sure that your state or area accepts the marriage license you have in the event of a destination city hall wedding.

  • Consider it as a real wedding

Embrace the idea of getting married in the city hall and incorporate a few changes to it would feel like you’re actually having your nuptials and not just at a government office. There is no dress-code or kind of wedding dress you must wear in a city hall wedding. So, wear your dream wedding dress, carry fragrant bouquets, or make your groom wear a boutonniere.

  • Document your wedding day

Make sure to document your special day. Look for a photographer or a videographer, or ask a close friend/guest who has a knack for photography to take photos during the ceremony. If possible, choose a photographer with experience with city hall weddings. This way, they already know the flow and what to expect.

  • Set a date in advance

If you want to make sure to get married on the day that you want, make sure to have it reserved in advance. City hall weddings can get real busy or fully-booked. Check with the nearest city hall office and ask if they can provide any insight on the busiest times and days you should avoid. You would be lucky if there are few people getting married as you don’t have to rush and you’ll experience shorter waiting lines.

  • Check your guest list

Some city halls restrict the number of wedding guests to come inside. So, make a firm decision on who you want to invite and witness the ceremony. Most city halls require at least one witness. However, if you wish to keep the wedding ceremony between you and your partner, you may have the photographer as your witness.


  • Remember the essential things

Make that you know the important things to bring on the wedding day. Your wedding may not push through if you forget a few things such as your marriage license, rings, photo ID, and a witness. Also, have your witness to bring their proper identification. Most importantly, bring a form of payment to pay for the wedding ceremony.

  • Be on time, or earlier

Other couples may also be getting married on that day, so make sure to come on time. If possible, arrive earlier to account for any probable delays. In the event that you miss your appointment time, your wedding may not push through, and you’ll be forced to reschedule it. Also, check in with the officiant or commissioner earlier as well.

  • Throw an afterparty

City hall weddings don’t take longer than 10-15 minutes. So, you may still celebrate your nuptials by throwing a casual afterparty. Try having a potluck at your place, or organize a small dinner at a favorite restaurant nearby. 

Celebrate Your Love…

Everything You Need to Know About Planning A City Hall Wedding

Just because it is not as big or as grand as other kinds of weddings, it doesn’t mean that a city hall wedding is not as special. At the end of the day, a city hall wedding, just like any other weddings, is done to celebrate your love. So, enjoy it, love it, and make it worthwhile.