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This beautiful video has been shot by Los Angeles Wedding Videographer / Malibu Wedding Videographer REB6STUDIOS. It is a treat to shoot wedding films in Malibu because of the scenic beauty. The wedding of Rebecca and Michael was extremely picturesque. It is partly an aerial video. This wedding was special to shoot for two exclusive reasons: one was the beautiful private Malibu Estate and the other was the good-looking couple who are so much in love with each other.

The video opens with the scenic Malibu Estate where the wedding takes place. We find plenty of guests waiting for the couple. Rebecca and Michael arrive there with a joyous and playful demeanor. The wedding gown of Rebecca was stunning and she specially wore her Mom’s anklet for the wedding.

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The vow that Michael took was heartwarming. When he said to Rebecca “I loved you from the day that I met you” with tears brimming down his eyes, Rebecca along with the guests became emotional. Michael said that he will love Rebecca in all circumstances.

The vow that Rebecca took was sentimental. Rebecca’s words for Michael, “When you tell me that we can get through anything as long as we can work on it together, this is how I know you are mine and I am yours” touched the heart of every single guest attending the wedding. Some of the guests couldn’t conceal their tears and Michael’s face conveyed how lucky and peaceful he felt to have Rebecca in his life.

Rebecca and Michael’s wedding speech revealed how much they love and want each other. They promised each other that they will work on their relationship in times of both prosperity and adversity.

After exchanging the marriage vows, Rebecca and Michael kiss each other lovingly. A smile of complacency adorns their face. The guests cheer for the beautiful and loving couple. They dance together beautifully locking eyes with each other as the guests look at them in admiration.

Los Angeles Wedding Videographer chose to take aerial shots in order to capture the wonderful scenery of the Malibu Estate. It was a beautiful intimate wedding where the parents of the groom and bride looked very happy. Rebecca and Michael thanked their parents from the core of their heart.

Rebecca and Michael fed each other the wedding cake which was truly an adorable sight. Rebecca’s words, “Today is a fairy tale and tomorrow we will go on as husband and wife” seemed so perfect for this fairy tale wedding.  At the end, Los Angeles Wedding Videographer captured the couple hugging and kissing each other during sunset. Their silhouette looks breathtaking.

There was a bit of pressure on us coming from these two since they are in the film industry as well 🙂 But we are glad they let us took care of the creative side of it, and trusted us. It was definitely an honor for us being chosen to film their wedding knowing they are reality tv producers and a visual effect artist! They are also visual story tellers, as they run a photography company together with Yesss Productions Photography

This was really a wedding to remember because of the scenic beauty and the romantic couple. We wish Rebecca and Michael a very happy and blissful married life.

Soundtrack licensed thru TheMusicBed


Sound: Vox DJ (Henry)
Gown: Gordana Gehlhausen
Flowers: Exotic Green Garden
Make Up: TC Thecla Luisi
Photos: Erich McVey
Coffee/Beverage: Concious Bean

UPDATE: We got some awesome feedback from our bride and groom and here is what they said:

Rebecca and I really can’t say enough good things about these guys. We were excited to have Sigmund and his team create our wedding video. Based on their previous work and friendly attitudes we knew they were a good match for us. Being that we both work in the TV industry my wife and I had …small.. expectations on what kind of service we should receive in our video package. They were very receptive to our ideas and made a great piece through their own creativity. When you see their work on the inter webs – it really is that good. 

I’m probably going to sign them up for a lifetime of over delivering by saying this – but – I was most impressed by the crew the day of. I am very familiar with the work/prep involved with what I saw. They put a lot of work into telling a story visually with coverage and being exactly where they needed to be when the time was right.


·         Balling!!! That was amazing
·         Amazing video!
·         Balling! OMG. So happy that you guys have each other!
·         Beautiful!
·         So magical!
·         Oh my gosh! xoxoxoxo
·         So beautiful.. Too early for this many tears!!!
·         Glad to see Im not the only one who cried while watching this. Beautiful.
·         They did an amazing job!
·         I am not on Facebook often these days, but had the privilege of stumbling upon this. FANTASTIC. You looked absolutely gorgeous. Hubbie is a handsome chap! The production crew did an amazing job – you know that already lol. I am very, very happy for you. Cheers!
·         I cant stop watching this video


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