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We are very excited to tell you about our upcoming work on the san francisco video production services side. As of now, we are working on an interview project involving our recent client Digital Realty. As you all know, we posted a unique highlights video of their social mixer/roundtable series event held a day before this interview. Luckily, we were commissioned again to do a project on their web commercial spots to be used for their marketing on their website. We have already seen a couple of their video production and we plan to spice it up a little bit, taking into consideration what has been done on their previous web marketing videos already to be consistent as well.

Check our our instagram picture here showing our minimal interview video setup overlooking the bay bridge! This one uses the top of the line microphones we use for interviews. Our main light shown is an LED panel while the backlight/hairlight (not shown) provides a little bit of a kicker light! The light from the sea acted like our fill light. We were fortunate enough to light this interview setup location while exposing the backdrop a little bit. A little bit in a sense that the backdrop will not draw too much attention to our main subject.

Look at that natural backdrop! Hopefully someday, our studio gets to acquire one of these offices with that kind of view. I wish!!!

My setup for an interview Corporate shoot! Amazing backdrop! #baybridge #reb6studios #corporatevideo

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Stay tune for what’s to come for we are about to post a few of these videos on our blog here!

We are just very excited!

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