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Lisa and Jeff’s wedding film is here and we are very proud to share this with you. We were fortunate enough to get to know Lisa and Jeff during their engagement session a couple of months before their wedding. If you can recall, we also created their save the date video. We thank Lisa and Jeff for inviting us to be part of your big day and choosing us your official San Francisco wedding videographer.

Want to know about their love story?

Our friends knew we would be a great fit for each other before the thought crossed our minds. I saw her at my best friend’s house party and was instantly intrigued at the first sight of her. We talked about books and movies, which further increased my interest. We did not see each other much for years after our first meeting, but when the time was right for both of us, we quickly became a couple. The day we officially became a couple is an auspicious day according to Japanese, Chinese and Korean legend. The double seventh festival. It is a time when star crossed lovers are able to meet each other once a year after being separated for the rest of the year. Another mythological aspect for each other is our terms of endearment, with me calling her phoenix and her calling me dragon. There is a story for that too, but it is just interesting to note that our relationship felt destined to happen.

Jeff and I met and crossed paths a few times when we were younger before we actually started dating. Although brief, there was always a spark between the two of us which seem to grow steadily. It wasn’t until much later in our lives that we reconnected and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Jeff was clearly my second half in philosophy, in life, in love and interest and that deep connection continued to grow throughout our relationship. If I had to choose an analogy for our experiences, it would be Kintsugi, the art of taking a broken piece of pottery and fixing it with gold lacquer. The art of transformation takes something ordinary and turns it into something extraordinary.

San Francisco Wedding Videographer : reb6studios.
Wedding Venue : Legion of Honor

UPDATE: Lisa and Jeff still post their wedding film on their anniversary to show their family and friends on facebook. We are very proud that are clients are still proud about their wedding highlights throughout the years. That is our main goal: for our clients to be able to look back at their films and share to the world, repeatedly.

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